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Menu Service - Skins!

YuLchick Waifu

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If you are tired of the monotonous appearance of the character, but top clothes are top clothes and you cannot change them due to set bonuses, enchant, attribute and LSs inserted into them - change it with skin!

Skin (translated from English skin - "skin" or "wrap") - this is the design of the character - the appearance of his clothes, weapons and accessories.
Skins are purely aesthetic - they in no way increase the abilities of the character and do not affect the outcome of the game, they only change the appearance of the character.

All currently available skins on the server are available for purchase with Coins of Luck (CoL).
But you can also get some of them for free as a reward for achievements, which can be viewed in the 'Mission' menu, located in the lower right corner of the game screen. In the window that appears, select the 'Achievements' tab and check the 'Missed' box in the lower left corner.
Read more about the achievements service in another topic.

With the help of skins you can transform your character:

  • put on a pretty dress or suit, which will make him look elegant and cute
  • put on armor with a helmet display on your head to look like a tough powerful knight
  • dress it up in honor of such parties as, for example, Halloween or New Year
  • cosplay the Musketeer, Robin Hood, Zaken and other well-known characters
  • make it funny and unusual - express individuality
1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

The range of skins is quite large and will be supplemented over time.
Everyone will find something special for themselves, reflecting their character.)

To put a skin on a character after purchase, you need to fulfill the conditions:

  • For armor skins:
    • the character is wearing 4 elements of clothing - top, bottom, gloves, boots (not necessarily a set)
  • For weapon skins:
    • the character is wearing a weapon of the appropriate type for the skin
  • For cloak skins:
    • any cloak is worn on the character
  • For shield skins:
    • the character is wearing a shield or sigil
  • For accessory skins:
    • for skins of accessories for 2 slots, any accessory that occupies 2 slots is used (Santa Claus's hat, Halisha's diadem, Freya's diadem, etc.)
    • for skins of accessories for 1 upper slot, any accessory that occupies 1 upper slot is used (cat/rabbit/raccoon ears, fairy antennas, hairpins, etc.)
    • for skins of accessories for 1 lower slot, any accessory that occupies 1 lower slot is used (carnival mask, white/black mask, etc.)
    • It is allowed to use two types of skins for accessories at the same time - occupying the upper and lower slots separately (for example, mask + ears)

I want to see and buy soon!..
Where are the skins located?

You can find the skin purchase service in the Alt+B community, the button is in the upper right corner of the menu - 'DONATE'

press donatejpg.jpg

In the menu that appears there are as many as 2 buttons with the title 'Skins'

press skins.jpg

On the right is a list of skin types, all lines are buttons, when you click on which you can see the list of skins you have selected. There are 5 in total:
  • Armor Scins List
    • armor scins list.jpg
  • Weapon Scins List (is under construction)
    • weap scins list.jpg
  • Shield Scins List
    • shield scins list.jpg
  • Cloak Scins List
    • cloak scins list.jpg
  • Accessories Scins List
    • access scins list.jpg

Skins with red highlighting - unpurchased skins.
Skins with
green highlighting - purchased skins.
Skin without highlighting - selected skin for viewing the price.


  • krugovaya strelka.jpg
    - rounded arrow - button 'Try on', that is, see for 5 seconds how the skin looks on your character.
  • zamok zakrit.jpg
    - lock closed - unpurchased skins
  • zamok otkrit.jpg
    - lock open - purchased skins
  • knopka buy.jpg
    - Buy - button, when you click on which you buy the skin.
  • knopka use.jpg
    - Use - the button appears after purchasing the skin, by clicking on which you put the skin on the character.
  • knopka enable.jpg
    - Enable - a button in the menu of purchased skins (My Skins), by clicking on which you will put the skin on the character.
  • knopka disable.jpg
    - Disable - button in the menu of purchased skins (My Skins), by clicking on which you will remove the skin from the character.
my shield skins.jpg

In order to see the price of the skin, you need to click on the icon of the item you are interested in.
After clicking on the icon, the price will appear at the top of the window.

press icon.jpg

press icon - view price.jpg

Here, in principle, is all you need to know about the service and menu skins.

~ YuLchick Waifu