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Menu service for achievements - Clan Quests!

YuLchick Waifu

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Clan Quest.

It is always nice to receive gifts, especially just for nothing or for something ordinary - killing monsters or RB, gaining new levels or participating in the battles of the Olympiad and castle siege.
It is in order to please the players and give gifts for everyday actions that a system of rewards for achievements has been introduced -
Clan Quest.
As a reward for completing these missions, you will receive a lot of useful things - event coins, potions and soul/spirit charges, gems, various runes and many skins.
Clan Quest can only be completed while in a clan, otherwise you will not be able to receive rewards - the status of completing the task will not progress.

In order to open the clan mission menu service, you need to click on the "Clan Quest" icon in the lower right corner of the game screen.
In the window that appears in the lower left corner, check the box "Not Allowed Mission". This way you will be able to see all the available and not available tasks for completion.

  • clan quest icon.jpg
    - Clan Quest menu icon.
  • not allowed mission.jpg
    - "Not Allowed Mission" - displays unavailable tasks.
click clan quest.jpg

Menu Tabs.
By clicking on the tabs at the top of the menu, you will see the lists of missions and the status of their completion.

  • general.jpg
    - "General" - a tab that displays simple one-time and recurring tasks.
  • intensive.jpg
    - "Intensive" - a tab that displays advanced tasks.
  • achievement.jpg
    - "Achievement" - a tab that displays one-time tasks of long progress.
  • event.jpg
    - "Event" - a tab that displays tasks available only during events.

Mission Features:
  • once.jpg
    - Once - performed by the character only once and will no longer be available after receiving the reward.
  • repeat.jpg
    - Repeat - performed by the character many times, each time receiving a reward for the task.
odnorazovie i povtoryauschiesya.jpg

Mission Availability Terms:

usloviya dostupnosti missii.jpg

Mission Completion Conditions:

usloviya zaversheniya missii.jpg

Mission Status.
The quest status displays the progress of your character's missions.
Mission Status:

  • progress.jpg
    - mission progress, shows the number of correctly completed completion conditions.
  • not allowed.jpg
    - "Not Allowed" - this mission is not available due to non-compliance with the conditions of availability.
  • reward available.jpg
    - "Reward Available" - mission accomplished, collect reward.
status missii.jpg

To receive a reward after completing a mission, you need to select the mission in the status of which it says "Reward available", then click on the "Reward" button on the right side of the menu.
Award buttons:

  • give reward knopka.jpg
    - "Reward" - by clicking this button you will receive the rewards displayed above for the completed mission.
  • unavailable to accept knopka.jpg
    - "Unavailable to accept" - you can see this button in unfulfilled missions.

In some missions, you can also receive clan reputation points and character fame as a reward.

~ YuLchick Waifu